My Greatest Fear – Episode 6 of 80 Seconds with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

By | August 23, 2019

With Sir Robin Knox-Johnston having undertaken multiple voyages around the world, what is his greatest fear at sea?

In episode 6 of 80 Seconds with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, we find out a startling fact about his Golden Globe Race win and how it could have turned out to be a very different story!

Dee Caffari interviews Sir Robin about his thoughts on fear and how he copes with a very real psychological challenge which impacts every sailor and explorer heading into the earth’s wilderness areas both at sea and on land. What action does he take to minimise the risk?

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We are now halfway through the series of twelve short videos examining the thoughts and opinions of Sir Robin. The series was devised to celebrate his 80th birthday and there are many more insights still to be uncovered.

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